DIY ribbon elastic hair ties–and a giveaway!

I become easily obsessed with hair do-dads (or hair pretties, as I used to call them when I was younger). Second grade was the era of the butterfly clip, in fourth grade hair wraps reigned supreme and 7th grade was the dreaded glitter hair gel phase (just be happy you didn’t know me then…and if you did, sorry). Somewhere in between fell scrunchies, hair bows, the topsy tail and thin leather ropes to tie my hair (actually, still sort of a fan of that one).

Needless to say, I love my hair accessories. Which could maybe explain why I fell (hard) for the pretty ribbon elastic hair ties that have been everywhere recently. I picked up a few from Anthropologie a while back and have pretty much worn them to death in the months since–they’re so gentle on my hair (it’s stopped breaking from over-elastic-use) and much prettier hanging out on my wrist than a black elastic. But $12 for 5, really? That just seemed all sorts of overpriced to me, so I decided to see if I could somehow MacGyver up a few of my own when I found myself in need of a refill.

This is the kind of thing people tend to balk “You really need DIY instructions for THAT?!” at. And the truth is no, you don’t. But it took me a while to get the measurements, so why not share, right?

You can snag some elastic from here or here and measure each piece to 8 and 3/4 inches (again, what worked for me, feel free to experiment!). Fold the elastic in half and tie a small (and tight!) lopped knot at the end of the elastic, leaving about 1/4 of an inch free. If you find that the ends of the elastic are fraying where you cut them, simply burn them slightly with a lighter to seal them. Voila!

The other thing I forgot to mention? My eyes are often bigger than my stomach (or my bank account or my closet…). In this case, a supply that I thought would make 10 or so ties really created…45. Considering there’s no way I’m ever going to use all those, I thought it might be fun to give away sets of three to five of you! If you’d like, enter the giveaway using the Rafflecopter below, sometime between now and Tuesday (Sept. 25) night at midnight for a chance to win. Much easier than handing over $12.00 and a trip to Anthro, right?

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. says

    Hahaha omg I would totally have done the same thing. Actually, this kind of relates to me and my jello shots – buying enough vodka or alcohol to make jello shots for at least 50 people when only John and I are going to be eating them. ….Oops! I love this giveaway and these are super cute, I can’t live without bobby bins :)


    • alongobucco says

      Thanks so much for entering, Stephanie! I have a tendency to over buy in everything too–and I CONSTANTLY make too much pasta or rice for who I’m feeding!

  2. says

    Remember those zig zag headbands? I used to wear those all the time! These days I mostly just throw it up in a messy bun using a standard elastic (the thick ones, no metal!). Working from home makes you (or, at least, me) frumpy but comfy!

    • alongobucco says

      I’ve been wanting to get my hands on one of those–the Mason Pearson brush are obviously way too expensive, but one similar!

  3. says

    I entered!
    And my must have hair product? Macadamia nut oil spray! Unlike most people, when I dont get to washing my hair it gets really DRY and not Oily so I need to add in some to my ends – I swear it’s saved my hair from getting crazy brittle and breaking off!
    and Hair tool? I bought a wide tooth comb for $3 at wal-mart and love it. It gets my tangles out without ripping my hair out along with it! Plus sometimes I’ll just use it on my scalp = head massage!
    Fab contest, I SO wanna win haha!

    • alongobucco says

      Thanks so much for entering, Bree! I have to say, I’m jealous that you’ve learned what you hair needs so well, I’m still learning. I’ve actually never heard of Macadamia nut oil spray. I’m going to have to try some out!

    • alongobucco says

      Thanks so much for entering, Lindsay. I’ve never heard of that hairspray, but after hearing it’s your fav, I’m definitely going to check it out!

  4. says

    Oh how cool is this! I’ve always thought the Anthro ones were cute, but definitely over priced. My hair must-have is the Frederic Fekkai glossing creme – instant sleekness!

  5. says

    so glad to hear you like these! they’re pretty, but i’ve been skeptical that they can actually hold up for a full day/work out. hmm my must have is my bumble & bumble thickening spray. love that stuff!

    • alongobucco says

      They definitely hold up–actually, they usually hold my hair better than traditional elastics and don’t break my hair!

  6. says

    This is such a cute idea! I love it. I can’t live without Tresemme hair spray and bobbypins. I can find Bobbypins everywhere, in my purse, car, room hahaha everywhere!

  7. says

    I fell in love with these the instant I saw them at Anthropologie. As much as I tried to justify it, I just couldn’t bring myself to the high price tag. I love that you made your own and I love all the different elastics you chose. I hope I win a pack, I’m always too lazy when it comes to DIYs.

    xx Jenee C.
    {camo meets couture}

  8. says

    I love these hair ties! So fashionable on your wrist and in your hair! My favorite hair product has to be my Paul Mitchell Seal and Shine Spray which protects your hair from heat! But i doo have to say I discovered Paul Mitchell Awapuhi wild ginger texturizing sea spray and it seriously works like magic if you want the beachy hair style! I love it!

    • alongobucco says

      Ohhh, I’m always on the hunt for a good beach spray. Right now, I love the bumble and bumble one, but this sounds awesome!

  9. says

    Love these! I have some of the Anthro ones too… but now I’m totally going to make them as holiday gifts for all the ladies in my life! My other favorite hair products: anything from Bumble & Bumble. Their shampoos and styling products all smell sooooo good!

    • alongobucco says

      That’s such a great holiday idea! Bumble and bumble puts out such a great hair products—I’m a huge fan of their curl cream!

  10. says

    I’d love to win! They’re so cute!

    My can’t-live-without product varies depending on whether my hair is straight, curly, or up. If it’s straight, Biosilk is a must! The humidity in Miami will frizzy up your hair in an instant. If it’s curly… actually, that’s my natural hair, so I really don’t use anything. If it’s up, I need thick elastic hair ties, or if it’s a bun, large, thick bobby pins. Those things are great!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Earnestyle | Enter my statement necklace giveaway! Open worldwide, ends September 26.

    • alongobucco says

      I’m never heard of Biosilk, but if it works for a Miami resident, it’s a definitely must-try. I swear, my hair has never looked worse than when I was on vacation in Miami!

  11. hazel says

    Hair ties without a doubt. I have long hair, which sadly ends up in a pony or a bun most days. So why don’t I cut it, you ask? Because my 3 year old son tells me every day how much he loves my hair. :)

  12. Jennifer Peaslee says

    I’m pretty simple when it comes to my hair, but I can’t live without conditioner and my hairbrush :) jenniferpeaslee at gmail dot com

  13. Katie says

    With my fine, thin hair–I’d say I can’t live without dry shampoo! It’s a lifesaver for second day hair. I’ve tried several, but SalonGraphix (drugstore brand) has worked great.

  14. laura588 says

    I can’t live without my headbands. I have long hair that loves to fly away into my eyes! My headbands keep it in place where it should be!
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  15. Jesselyn A/Jesstinger says

    Aside from a good conditioner – pony tail holders – of all varieties – but preferably pretty ones in colors that coordinate with my outfits and DON’T pull on or break my hair! Thanks!


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