a valentine’s day playlist: for the lovers and the lonely



I alluded to it last month, and truth be told, this is the Valentine’s Day post I’ve been looking forward to the most! There’s not a broken heart or a budding romance that music doesn’t help, so why not make a playlist for both sets this Valentine’s Day? Honestly, I’m not above belting out a great version of Since You’ve Been Gone in the shower (very out of tune, I might add) and one of the love songs is my absolute favorite karaoke tune–see if you can guess which one! Single, taken, or hanging with the girls this February 14th, I hope you enjoy both of these playlists!

For the lovers:



For the lonely (but not really…): 


  1. says

    These playlists crack me up! Even though I’m technically in the “lonely” category (although I prefer “single and fabulous”), I’m loving the Etta/Damien/Ingrid collabo happening on the first playlist. Although come the 14th, I’ll definitely be jumping around to “it’s raining men.” Because that’s just who I am.


    • says

      I’m with you–single and fabulous is a MUCH better way to put it (honestly, lovers and lonely just made a good title haha). That Ingrid cover is one of my favorites ever–oh, and can we jump around together on February 14? Because that sounds fun.

  2. says

    I actually really love listening to sad and depressing love songs I don’t know why, because I’m clearly happily married, but there is just something about them that gets to me! Right now I’m obsessed with the new Bruno Mars song, When I Was Your Man. Seriously obsessed.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

    • says

      No, seriously Yi-chia–ME TOO! I think we might be soul sisters…I just love sad tunes, and I’m a really happy person haha. I havent’ heard that Bruno Mars song, though…I’ll have to YouTube it!

  3. says

    Yessss! I am love love loving these picks! Now I know what I’m playing for Valentines Day on repear (and probably everyday before then too…no shame!). Thanks for welcoming me back love, it’s nice to be back in action!

  4. says

    I love that you included Faithfully in your playlist!!! It’s one of my favorite songs ever and I have been ridiculed for it but love it anyways. Cheers! :)

  5. Emily says

    Although I should probably be plopped in under the “lovers” category, I think I’m enjoying the “for the lonely (but not really)” playlist a bit more.



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