a new look for the glossy life

Well, hello there! You may notice things are a bit spruced up around here—today, The Glossy Life (sorry, it’s so weird to refer to a blog in the third person, right?) is debuting an updated look created by the incredible (seriously, incredible incredible) Jessica McSweeney, who owns her own company calligraphy company, Poppy and Scooter Calligraphy…

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white noise

I’ve been kind of unsure how I should start this post. Should I just drop in unannounced and be like, “Hey guys, what’s up!” as if three months haven’t passed? Hm. Probably not, right? In the end, I’ve decided that my absence from this space deserves a bit more of an explanation—one that I hope…

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the sunday edition

Happy Sunday! I don’t know about you, but I’m in need of a serious sugar-detox after this weekend. Dessert every night, plus treats like macarons and milkshakes–let’s just say I’m going to be pounding veggie juice for a while. We’re catching a plane today, so I thought I’d leave you with a few favorite links…

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the sunday edition [+ five minute french toast]

French toast might actually be my favorite breakfast food–at least this version. Some restaurant-style french toast dishes can be too sweet, or overloaded with stuff on top (bananas! peanut butter! strawberries! chocolate chips!), but this quick, five-minute version (seriously!) tip toes that line perfectly. It’s simple, it will make your house smell amazing and your Sunday…

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the sunday edition [+ 3 easy yogurt parfaits]

This week’s Sunday Edition is brought to you in (fake) part by the Chobani Bar in Soho. Picture every flavor of Chobani yogurt, coupled with amazing toppings in why-didn’t-I-think-of-that combos. Yeah, it’s super delicious. And yeah, I probably go there way too much Yogurt is a weekday staple of mine, but on the weekends I…

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the sunday edition [+ chia seed breakfast pudding]

Happy Sunday, you guys! When I was reevaluating my ideas for this space around the holidays, I realized I really missed my “Sunday Edition” link sharing posts. I always love discovering new blog posts or articles I missed during the week, and I wanted to bring that feature back. The twist? Well, it’s pretty yummy….

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10 things you might not know (or want to know) about me

  Here’s the dealio peeps–I’ve been tagged in a lot of those “5 Things You Don’t Know About Me” posts recently, and I finally got a chance to hammer one out this past weekend. Since I owe you at least 10 things at this point, I decided to make a little video–mostly because it was…

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  via Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week… -Angel food cakes is one of my favorite desserts ever–with strawberries and ice cream of course. Combining all three? Yum! -It’s no secret that I really (really) like egg sandwiches. This upgraded version with bacon jam from Perpetually Chic sounds all sorts…

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    via   Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week…   -I’ve never really made much candy, but this candied ginger recipe is making me want to try!   -I love bows (obviously, I’m a girl), so Jenee’s adorable hair scarf is making me want to copy!  …

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  via Just a few pretty things catching my eye around the web this week… -Maria’s Pad Thai with Peanut sauce in one word? Yum. -My outfit obsession of the week? Megan’s Brooklyn prep look. I want every single piece! -Everyone knows I’m a cupcake addict. These Baileys Irish Cream cupcakes are next on my…

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