tv tray makeover diy (1)

DIY tv tray makeover

For the past few months, I’ve been on the (seemingly endless) search for stylish TV trays and let me tell you—they don’t seem to exist. Or, at least, not at a reasonable price. We needed them for our living room—since our apartment isn’t big enough for a dining room table (nor is there really a proper…

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romantic flower arrangement (1)

spring girls brunch

The alternate title to this post could definitely have been, “How to use serving your friends brunch as an excuse to throw a fake bridal shower” because that’s pretty much what went down in early May at our apartment. The idea for our spring brunch sort of grew out of my need to feed people,…

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3 last minute DIY holiday wreaths

  The countdown to Christmas is on, and if you’re hosting, a last-minute checklist is probably running through your head. Wrapping done? Check. Dinner ingredients purchased? Check. Halls decked? Ehhhhh….   If you’re anything like a lot of my NYC counterparts, a tree is not always a fit for your lifestyle. But somehow, a holiday…

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3 DIY hostess gifts

  Is there any guest faux pas worse than showing up to a large holiday party empty handed? I can think of a few, but they all involve one-too-many drinks or setting something on fire. The basic rule of thumb: if you’re a guest at someone’s house and aren’t contributing to the meal (aka brining…

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in bloom: september

If there’s one thing that always make me feel happy (and makes my home feel complete), it’s flowers. I don’t care if it’s a $100 arrangement or a bouquet from Whole Foods–there’s just something about flowers that instantly boosts my mood. For my new job, I’ve spent a lot of time on set, styling photo…

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DIY clay jewelry dishes

The other day, a minor home-goods tragedy struck my home: One of my favorite jewelry dishes from Anthropologie fell off my dresser and shattered into a million sad pieces. I love storing my jewelry out in the open and it was truly one of those little pieces that made me really happy every time I…

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DIY washi tape holiday mantel

I’ve always wanted an apartment with a fire place. In reality, it actually seems like a pretty terrible idea–I mean me, unsupervised around flames? Not a great combo. Still, I grew up with one glowing in my house every winter and they exude a coziness that I just love. Plus, they give you the perfect…

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a glossy charming twist: nautical frame DIY

  Remember that fun DIY-off I did in May with the fab Emily from Isn’t That Charming and talented Brynn from Chartreuse & a Twist? Well, we’re back again–this time with a nautical theme!   I’ve been heavily into decorating lately, so I wanted to make something my beach-y obsessed roommate could use in her room. I saw…

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a glossy charming twist: faux flower monograms

  It’s no secret that I love crafting up DIYs, so when the fab Emily from Isn’t That Charming suggested we pull together a monthy DIY-off (that’s now a thing, by the way) with Brynn from Chartreuse & a Twist, I was so game. Each month will have a theme and a budge–May’s theme was flowers, naturally!  …

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DIY ombre serving spoons

  Often times, I’m inspired to create a DIY from something I see out on the world wide web. In this case, Etsy. I first caught a glimpse of these ombre serving spoons almost a year ago, and I’ve been smitten with them ever since. Eventually, I found a plain jane serving spoon set at…

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