new beauty products that really work

9 new (to me) beauty products I’m loving

I’ve noticed a big shift in my beauty focus within the past year. I used to not be able to walk out of Sephora without a new mascara to try or blush to swipe on—my beauty bag was overflowing and it was seriously becoming an issue. Recently, though, I’ve really paired down my collection to…

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bundled up basics

    This weather. I mean—I’ve lived in New England all my life, so I really have no right to act so shocked by the cold weather in the middle of January, but it. is. freezing. Walking to work has become a huge effort—between hoping my skin doesn’t freeze of, to keeping feeling in my feet, to…

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a little bit of leather

    I have this theory that leather can make any woman feel instantly like Beyonce. I still remember how, shortly after purchasing my first leather jacket, putting it on made me feel instantly cooler, stronger and more sophisticated.   Up until recently, I’ve stuck to leather jackets and bags, but I’m slowly accumulating a…

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let me see your bootie pop

If there’s one thing I love about fall fashion, it’s the reemergence of booties from my closet. I just stare at them, all summer long, waiting for the day where the weather is finally cool enough to pull them out and rock them with jeans, skirts and dresses. Whether they’re heeled, suede, leather or patterned…

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beyond burgundy: 7 oh-so-chic nail shades for fall

Come September, the chance to paint on dark nails feels like a relief. After months of bright pinks, florescent neons or sea-inspired blues, wearing deeper shades on my nails make me feel a bit moody and mysterious and…dare I say cool? Burgundy has always been a go-to (along with black) for fall and winter months—I…

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is your workout ruining your skin? 3 easy fixes

There are a lot of obvious pros to working out—a hot bod, for one….plus boosted confidence, a happier outlook thanks to all those endorphins, and face time with that cute guy in your running club, just to name a few. But all that sweating (and running, and crunching, and sports-bra wearing) can take some surprising…

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pretty in (pale) pink

It started out innocently enough; I walked by a pale pink, creamy leather bag in the Florence, Italy leather market this June and thought, “Oh, that’s so pretty.” And kept walking. Then I walked back and asked about the price. Any sort of math is like French to me, so I had to walk away to crunch…

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currently loving: the mini heeled sandal

I’ve never really been a “heels” girl. Sure, I like wearing them out on special occasions, but as someone with five knee surgeries and zero coordination, they’re not really an every day kind of shoe for me. I want them to be–because, like every girl, I feel somehow prettier and more pulled together in a…

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the short suit is having a moment

I really thought I was going to hate short suits. I really did. At first mention, all I can picture are some old-school country club ladies who lunch in their pastels, loafers and pearls. Nothing wrong with that, just totally not my style. But then they happened. And I found myself becoming OK with the…

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the art of dressing european

Is it just me, or have Europeans seemed to have mastered the perfect summer style? It’s breezy, simple and incredibly chic. It feels timeless while still screaming “cool girl.” I mean, I could go on and on. Europeans of the world, tell me: how do you do it? While I’m sure it probably has something to…

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