merry everything

    However you celebrate the season, I hope this next week is a good one—filled with friends, family, love and good food. Thank you for visiting this space every day, week or even once a month. It means more than you know.   See you in 2015!         image via  


3 last minute DIY holiday wreaths

  The countdown to Christmas is on, and if you’re hosting, a last-minute checklist is probably running through your head. Wrapping done? Check. Dinner ingredients purchased? Check. Halls decked? Ehhhhh….   If you’re anything like a lot of my NYC counterparts, a tree is not always a fit for your lifestyle. But somehow, a holiday…

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3 DIY hostess gifts

  Is there any guest faux pas worse than showing up to a large holiday party empty handed? I can think of a few, but they all involve one-too-many drinks or setting something on fire. The basic rule of thumb: if you’re a guest at someone’s house and aren’t contributing to the meal (aka brining…

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happy memorial day weekend!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, you guys! I hope you all have the day off today and are already three glasses of wine/margaritas/beers/virgin daiquiris in. I’ll be spending a few hours at work, then I’m hopping on an Amtrak up to Boston to watch that little guy up there graduate college! I can’t believe I’m old enough…

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happy valentine’s day!!!

Or, as I would like to refer to today, Happy House of Cards day! Whether your plans today include a romantic dinner (I had to tell this handsome guy I already had plans. Bummer.) or just a night out with the girls, I hope you all have an awesome time celebrating the ones you love….

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your valentine’s day look, simplified

If you could narrow in on the days in a women’s life where she wants to look especially pretty, Valentine’s Day is probably one of them. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’s just something about the holiday (at least, I think) that makes you go extra-feminine, extra-girlie and extra-pretty for a few days….

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signing off

    I’m calling it, you guys. I thoughts I could do the whole get ready for Christmas and still put up good posts thing, but I can’t. Instead of putting up a few posts that I just don’t feel super into, I figure it’s better for me to sign off for the holiday starting…

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the a-list: holiday greeting cards

I think you’ll be hard-pressed to find a bigger fan of snail mail than me. I’ve always loved writing lettings and notes (I had like, five pen pals growing up), and finding the perfect stationary is half the fun. Birthdays, new babies, moving, “just because”–you name it, I’m sending a card for it. The holiday…

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homemade holiday treats: pizzelles

I pretty much will take whatever excuse I can get to bake. Birthday? Surrrreee, I’ll make a cake. Hungover? Muffins it is. Upset? Cupcakes coming your way. Obviously, the holiday season gives me the best excuse of all–there are just so many events to bake for and people to eat said baked goods so I don’t have…

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