life lately, through snapshots

It’s kind of awesome that it’s already Tuesday, isn’t it? I spent my Memorial Day with my roommate celebrating her birthday with a sun-filled, lazy park day in Astoria. Her parents got her an awesome knife set, which I used to make her, her boyfriend and myself a birthday dinner–until I sliced off the top…

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things that make me zen: the prophet

Truthfully, I’ve never been the kind of person who believes in a little thing called “zen.” I haven’t read many spirituality books (although my roommate is turning me onto them slowly but surely), I don’t meditate, I don’t burn incense or focus my breathing–really, the closest I come to getting “zen” is the 2.5 seconds…

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five steps to a calmer a.m.

    I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a morning person. In fact, there are really few things I dislike more. Unless I’m getting up for some epic vacation or there’s a really amazing New York bagel waiting for me on the other end of things, you’ll be hard-pressed to get me…

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recovery mode

So you know that little cold I mentioned here? Turns out, it’s more like a big cold–like, flu cold (which I thought wasn’t supposed to happen if you got the flu shot?). I’ve been out of commission for a few days and while I’m back to work, it still means I haven’t had much time to craft…

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I’m really good at math (and other lies I tell myself…)

via     There have been many important life lessons I’ve learned in the past 24 years (gah–TWENTY FOUR), but none more important than this: I am a terrible liar. Terrible. I’m one of those unfortunate people whose feelings reside all over my face, permanently keeping me from fibbing about so much as a parking ticket….

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fun (and frugal!) date night ideas

    I’m a firm believer that sometimes the simplest things are the most perfect. I was talking “dream dates” with a friend the other day, and everything I came up with as my “dream date” was remarkably simple–no fancy clubs, expensive charter boats or showy statements here. Personally, I feel like in order to…

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meet ruby!

  In case you haven’t seen my obsessive Instagram photos and tweets, I have news: my family got a puppy! Her name is Ruby (coined by yours truly), she’s a maltipoo and is absolutely delicious–so sweet, so playful and so cuddly! I’m halfway convinced my parents got her in an attempt to make me come home…

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take me to the beach

  I’ve been so wrapped up in work and other things that I haven’t even remembered mentioned it on here butttt….I’m going on vacation! I’m Philly-bound with friends this weekend for a fun birthday celebration, then off to join my family in Florida for a week of sun and sand. If you’re looking for me,…

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24 for 24

  Sunday is my 24th birthday. Since I’ve been accidentally telling people I’m 21 for the past three years (what’s my age again?), it’s kind of weird to wrap my head around that.   Growing up, I’m pretty positive I thought 24 was ancient. And, if not ancient, than at the very least I thought…

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three cheers for long weekends!

  Is it just me, or do you working gals feel like three-day weekends feel almost as good Christmas morning these days? Because I totally do–and I could not be more excited for Memorial Day weekend!   Plans include celebrating my gorgeous roommate’s birthday, getting our apartment in order and playing major catch up with this blog (provided…

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