lighten up

I kind of just woke up one day recently and decided I wanted to be a blonde. I’m not sure what sparked the change, really–maybe the increasingly nice weather we’re having has me game for a lighter shade, or maybe it would just be a really fun way to mix things up. I’ve never been…

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DIY moisturizing hair mask (from your kitchen!)

I’ve put my hair through its fair share of rough patches. I heat style it on the reg, I’ve dyed it on occasion–I even sprung for a Coppola Keratin treatment last summer (which I loved the results of, but in the end it was too $$ and too damaging to continue doing). While it’s in…

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my routine for fresh, glowing skin

I’ve always had a problem with consistency concerning my skincare routine. I run into two problems–either I don’t stick to an actual skincare schedule (aka, I’m lazy and sometimes will forget to wash my face before bed) or I get so eager to try out new products I get through work that I mix it…

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your valentine’s day look, simplified

If you could narrow in on the days in a women’s life where she wants to look especially pretty, Valentine’s Day is probably one of them. Whether you’re single or in a relationship, there’s just something about the holiday (at least, I think) that makes you go extra-feminine, extra-girlie and extra-pretty for a few days….

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steal her style: felicity jones

For me, there’s just something about British style–it’s cool but aloof, casual but thought out…it’s quintisentially British, and just something us lowly Americans can’t fake, no matter how hard we try. And Felicity Jones? Well, Felicity Jones is one of my favorites from across the pond. Maybe it’s because she’s the star of one of…

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four lipstick shades you can totally rock this fall

For me, fall and winter are lipstick season. It’s kind of a lost cause for me in the summer–the bright neon pinks are fun and all, but I’m pretty low-matinence when I’m on vacation/hitting the beach/generally not a sickly looking person. But fall and winter? I need a lot of help–I mean, the days are…

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moisture 101: save your skin this fall [+ a giveaway]

I’ve been genetically gifted with many things: a lack of outrageous phobias (no claustrophobia or acrophobia here, thank you), my Dad’s green eyes, my Mom’s freckles, a complete lack of singing talent (because I mean, phew–being a singing prodigy would just be too much work). One thing I did not hit the genetic lottery on?…

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jose eber hair curling wand [+] giveaway

  If you caught my tutorial yesterday, you know that I’m pretty much obsessed with my Jose Eber curling wand. I’ve long wrestled with my naturally curly hair, and it wasn’t until I bought a Jose Eber wand about a year ago (in pink, naturally) that I really got my method for loose, undone waves…

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short waves hair tutorial

Loose Waves Tutorial from Alyssa Longobucco on Vimeo.   As you can see from spending a little time around here, there’s a hairstyle I tend to stick to quite often, and that is loose, messy waves. Ever since I was little, I’ve had very curly hair, so styling it into smooth waves seems at once…

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steal her style: jaime king

  If you recognize Jaime King, it’s probably because you’re one of the final loyal people still around watching Hart of Dixie (she play Southern Queen Bee, Lemon). If you have absolutely no idea who she is, here’s a little download: former model (duh, I mean look at her), fashion darling and all around style-star. Her…

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