hello, handsome: ian harding

  I have to apologize–I’ve been a horrible blogger this week! Between a few late-night work events and a last-minute ah-mazing concert (Mumford & Sons!), I simply ran out of hours in the day (OK–the whole week!). To make up for it, allow me to present a little (handsome) thing I like to call Ian Harding….

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hello, handsome: eddie redmayne

(source) It Fridayyyyy (finally!) and you know what that means–a little eye candy to kick off your weekend! Here’s the deal: I’m kind of obsessed with Les Miserables. I saw the play years ago and fell in love with it, so naturally I was ecstatic when I heard it was coming to the big screen. Yes, I went the…

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hello, handsome: ryan gosling

Happy Friday! Is it just me, or did this seem like the longest SHORT week ever?! I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to celebrate today with a little thing I like to call Ryan. Gosling.  I mean, you had to have seen this one coming. I don’t know I single woman with a…

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