love letters, 2013

(source)   Just a few little notes to the people and things that make me l-o-v-e life…feel free to leave your own little love note below (I want to hear what makes you guys all warm and fuzzy). Happy Valentine’s Day!! xo   To “my people”: You are the best girls (and guys) I know. Thank you each…

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love lessons from the best of the 90’s (and beyond)

Sometimes the best love lessons are right in front of your eyes–or, in this case, on your television. Whether you find yourself saddled with a moody poetry writer, tasked with snagging the cutest guy at school or considering ahem, jumping ship, I’m convinced we can learn all we need to know about relationships from 90’s…

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a little valentine’s day sugar

  If there’s ever a time for a little sugar, it’s Valentine’s Day. I had an idea as to how I wanted these babies to turn out, but truth be told, I totally messed up these cookies–twice. The first time, the batter was so watery, it could never be a cookie. The second time–well let’s…

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notes on love

I’ve always had a love for beautiful words, ever since I was little–I suppose on some level it’s why I became a writer. John Steinbeck has always been one of my favorites and I’ve devoured almost every one of his novels with fervor. (source) I stumbled upon this lovely letter from Steinbeck to his son…

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