work it out

  For me, music is a must when working out. Without it, I can’t get motivated–my feet don’t leave the ground, the weights don’t leave the floor…and I probably don’t leave the couch.   Working at a fitness-centric mag, there are always music swaps going around and I’m always finding new pump-up songs I love. I…

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a kitchen playlist

  If you’ve spent oh…five minutes here on this blog, then you’re probably in on the worst kept secret in the world: I love to cook. I love food, I love cooking, I love spending time in the kitchen. I love how it de-stresses me and makes me feel happy, I love how it helps…

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a valentine’s day playlist: for the lovers and the lonely

(source) I alluded to it last month, and truth be told, this is the Valentine’s Day post I’ve been looking forward to the most! There’s not a broken heart or a budding romance that music doesn’t help, so why not make a playlist for both sets this Valentine’s Day? Honestly, I’m not above belting out a great…

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cozy winter playlist

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again–winter is for slow, soft, warm tunes. The more inclined I am to curl up on the couch with a cozy blanket while listening to a song, the better. These playlist posts are always so fun to pull together (I hope you guys like them!), and I…

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end of summer tunes

(source) As summer comes to a close (sigh…) I’m turning to lazy, slow melodies, unique artists and OK, the occasional indulgent pop song (I’m looking at you Cher Lloyd) to help me celebrate these last sunny days. Check out who I’m listening to, below–I’d love to know what tunes are coming through your iPod speakers–do share!…

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summer tunes

Whether you’re spending this weekend hitting the beach, BBQ-ing with friends or laying low, enjoy yourself! In honor of the official kick-off to the season, here’s my summer soundtrack.

january playlist

I’ve found that I’m slightly schizophrenic when it comes to my music preferences. There are artists that I always turn to (Damien Rice, Bruce, Beatles, etc.) but this playlist is only a small insight into how varying my tastes can be at any given moment (warning: around Jay-Z is where it starts to get weird)….

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november noise

Between commuting every day and wandering through the city, I’ve been in need of a new life-soundtrack. When it comes to music, I’m usually an old soul. Nothing makes me feel as great as a little Bruce (Springsteen), Bob (Dylan), and Beatles (John, Paul, Ringo & George). In the middle of the light-hearted summer days…

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