rhubarb and strawberry pavlova recipe

strawberry and rhubarb pavlova

I’ve said it before, but I will say it again: I love (love love) the combination of strawberries and rhubarb. Sweet and tart, plus totally pretty, it’s just a combo that I can’t seem to quit during the summer. Since making a strawberry and rhubarb Angel Food cake, I knew I wanted to find another…

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blistered tomato and lobster pasta

This pasta is one of the most faux-fancy dishes ever. I mean, it looks a bit fancy, right? And it has lobster in it so it sounds fancy, right? Only it’s super simply, super flavorful and a great reason to eat pasta every day of the week for lunch and dinner (as if you needed an excuse)….

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vanilla madeleines with berry compote

Sometimes, you just want to treat yourself to dessert. I’m not talking about a few spoonfuls from your favorite Ben & Jerry’s container—I’m talking about real, true dessert. The kind you’d treat yourself to once every month or so while at your favorite restaurant. Only you can make these madeleines from home, which is a…

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winter squash kale salad with pomegranate and toasted barley

    Happy 2015, you guys! Two weeks off from work was heavenly, but it really did a number on my routine…I feel like everything—healthy eating, working out, even blogging—falls out of wack without the (sometimes mundane) structure of work, so I’m looking forward to get back into the swing of things beginning this week,…

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wine braised short ribs with truffle mashed potatoes

    The holiday season is all about entertaining—which, let’s face it, can get stressful. You want to pull out all the stops when company swings by, but often that comes at the cost of your sanity. Wouldn’t it be great to find a recipe that was both impressive and delicious while also being a piece of…

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french onion soup grilled cheese

I’m about to blow your mind with five words, guys: french. onion. soup. grilled. cheese. I wish it was like, three words, because that seems more dramatic, but five was the most I could narrow it down to.   This grilled cheese though. I mean—there are hardly words to describe it, but I turned to…

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salt baked branzino

Can you remember the best thing you ever ate? I can—a few of the “best things”, actually. I have a list of about five meals that I know I will never forget, and one of them took place on our trip to Italy this past summer. On our final night in Sorrento, we ate at Ristorante Bagni…

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caramel apple dutch baby

Ahhh, fall—’tis the season for apples, am I right? And after copious amounts of apple pie, apple chips, apple cobbler, apple cider donuts and warm apple cider, I was jonesing for a little different kind of apple fix. Luckily for me, this craving coincided perfectly with picking up the latest Bon Appetit issue. I pretty…

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slow-cooker pulled pork with honey corn cakes

I debated endlessly as to whether or not I should post this recipe. You see, slow-cooker pulled pork is my secret weapon—my Hail Mary, my trump card. Any time I want to make people happy (make their stomachs happy, really), I make this pulled pork recipe. So naturally, I like to keep it close to…

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butternut squash and sage pasta

Butternut squash is probably the Pumpkin Spice Latte of the food world. Call it “basic”, call it over-used from September to December—but even you can admit: it’s so delicious. I try to cook it as much as possible during the fall months but there’s only so much roasted butternut squash a girl can handle. This week, I…

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